Sow n’ Sow Gift of Seeds

$11.00 inc GST

Sow n’ Sow have created a range of memorable gifts to grow your own way. Proudly made in Australia with 100% recycled materials, our products feature designs by talented Australian artists.

We tread lightly and create intentionally. Our gifts are enjoyed for months as they blossom and grow and our packaging is fully compostable completing its full cycle back to earth.

Whether it’s for the crazy plant mum in your life, or your best mate that needs a little encouragement keeping their green friends alive, our gifts will bring joy to the inner gardener in everyone.

Home for them is the hills of Maleny on the Sunshine Coast. We love getting our hands in the soil and hope our gifts encourage all they reach to get outside and play in the dirt – because life is too short to always have clean fingernails.

  • Seeds – are un-treated, non GMO varieties sourced from reputable suppliers both within Australia and abroad. Each Gift of Seeds contains at least 25 seeds, or similar to what you would expect to find in a nursery bought standard seed packet. Seeds should be stored in a cool, dry place for best long term viability. We recommend a shelf life of approximately 2 years for our Gifts of Seeds to ensure good germination rates.
  • Sow ‘n Sow and the Environment – Seeds are printed in Australia on 100% post consumer waste recycled card using soy based inks. They believe in the gifting of products which don’t end up in landfill. Our Gifts of Seeds have a purpose, which is to grow into a beautiful flower or herb to be enjoyed for many months after the initial gifting. Watching a seed germinate and slowly grow into a beautiful plant is a wonder and a joy.