Privacy Policy

The privacy of information you provide to us at this site (Visitor Information) is important to us. The following privacy statement governs the collection and use of Visitor Information by Manic Botanic. We have created this Privacy Statement to govern our firm commitment to protecting the privacy of Visitor Information.
By submitting Visitor Information, you agree to the use by Manic Botanic of such information as described in this Privacy Statement.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact

Manic Botanic Privacy Statement
1. Why is it necessary to supply Visitor Information?
Manic Botanic requires your Visitor Information in order that we can:
a. contact you to provide you with additional information about the company;
b. qualify you as a potential client of the company;
c. send welcome emails to you if you become a new client;
d. send you new information about the company, including about new services; and
e. send you a copy of the latest Manic Botanic newsletter.

2. When is Visitor Information collected?
Whenever you make a purchase from our on-line site;
Wherever you are invited to contact the company; to provide feedback, ask a question, or request a company staff member to contact you;
If you are a client of the company you may be able to enter and submit Visitor Information in other areas of this site. These areas are clearly identified in each area.
In addition, the Manic Botanic Web server automatically collects certain information about your use of this site. The information collected in each case is described under section 4 below.
The enquiry form enables visitors to this site to send comments to the company’s customer support. We encourage visitors to use this form to raise any comments or concerns they may have regarding the Manic Botanic site.

3. How will Manic Botanic keep my Visitor Information safe?
Manic Botanic has implemented generally accepted standards of technology and operational security to protect Visitor Information from loss, misuse, alteration or destruction. Manic Botanic employee access is limited to authorised personnel who are under a duty to maintain the confidentiality of Visitor Information.
If you become a client of the company with secured access, the most important thing to remember is to always keep your Access Login and Password secret. Never give your Access Login and Password to anyone.

4. What Visitor Information is collected?
The Manic Botanic forms you access when you seek to find out more information about Manic Botanic, or submit a request invite you to provide data such as:
a. your company name;
b. the title and name of the visitor;
c. the postal address;
d. the telephone number;
e. the email address;
f. the subject of your enquiry; and
g. a message which describes your enquiry.
The registration process in any given case may not require all of this information.
If the information under 4(a) (g) is not provided then we may be unable to provide you with necessary additional information to help you decide if you wish to become a client of Manic Botanic. If the further information requested to qualify your organisation is not provided, Manic Botanic will be unable to assess and process your enquiry.
The Manic Botanic server automatically collects additional information about your use of this site. This information can be described as “navigational data” and may comprise:
– browser type;
– IP address;
– the URL you come from and go to;
– links to other sites you click on;
– the pages you view on our site and time spent on it;
– cookies;
– your domain type and service provider.
It is standard for many sites to collect this type of information in order to enable them to monitor usage of a site and improve site content and navigation.

5. Where will my Visitor Information be used?
Your Visitor Information may be used internally within Manic Botanic so that we can:
a. contact you to provide you with additional information about the company
b. show you how the company may be able to assist you;
c. send welcome emails to you if you become a new client;
d. send you new information about the company including products the company provides or other company initiatives; and
e. send you a copy of the latest Manic Botanic newsletter.
Navigational data collected by our system that identifies you personally will not be used. Rather, Manic Botanic may combine navigational data and use the aggregated results (ie results which do not identify any individual) in order to create a better online experience for you. We do this by using the aggregated data to monitor site usage, for marketing to banner advertisers and to improve the look, content and navigation of the site.

6. Will my Visitor Information be given to anyone else?
Manic Botanic does not disclose your Visitor Information to third parties except where it is required by law, such as for law enforcement purposes or where there is a threat to a person’s safety.
Please note that a “cookie” may be required to log on to the site. Cookies are pieces of information that a Web site transfers to a visitor’s computer hard drive for record keeping purposes and to provide useful features for site visitors. The site only uses cookies to track session management information.
Cookies do not capture or track any Visitor Information and cannot identify individual users.
We may also use an outside advertising company to display ads on our site. These ads may contain cookies. Cookies received with banner ads are collected by our advertising company, and Manic Botanic does not have access to, or control over, this information.
You may also elect not to accept cookies on your browser. This should not adversely affect your experience when visiting the pre login pages of this site. However, users will need to accept cookies to login to secured pages of the site.
Our site may from time to time contain links to other sites. We stress that these sites may have a different privacy policy to Manic Botanic’ and you should check this with them.

7. Can I delete, correct or update my Visitor Information?
Marketing communications are only sent to you if you have requested or subscribed to them or attended our training centre and provided your contact details. You can opt out of our marketing communications at any time by unsubscribing or emailing us and your request will be actioned immediately.
Should you so choose, you can delete information you have entered prior to submitting it on this site.
Once Visitor Information has been submitted to Manic Botanic, you can request the information be removed from our records by using the Contact Manic Botanic links in this site. Manic Botanic will, upon receipt of such a request, take reasonable steps to destroy or permanently de identify Visitor Information. However:
a. due to technical and accounting constraints, certain contact details incorporated in your Visitor Information may not be completely destroyed;
b. Manic Botanic may need to retain Visitor Information in order to fulfil legal responsibilities or resolve disputes which may arise; and
Should the details you have submitted change, it is your responsibility to notify us of the change.

8. Contacting Manic Botanic
Naturally, it is in our interest to protect your privacy in order that we develop a long and trusted relationship with you. If at any time you have any questions regarding this Privacy Statement, the practices of this site or dealings with this site, you can contact us via phone or email, refer contact details in the Contacts link.

9. Privacy Statement Updates
Manic Botanic strives to comply with the Privacy Commissioner’s information Privacy Principles in the National Scheme for the Fair Handling of Personal Information. Manic Botanic also intends to comply with industry privacy codes as and when they are developed or modified.
If further privacy legislation and/or self regulatory codes are introduced or our Privacy Statement is updated, we will summarise any modifications or enhancements in this section of our Privacy Statement and/or modify parts of our Privacy Statement.