Choosing the Perfect Flower for Every Occasion

Choosing the Perfect Flower for Every Occasion

Finding the perfect flower for a friend or loved one goes well beyond what simply looks good. Of course, choosing something pretty is a must – but the ultimate blooms crave a little more thought than just visual appeal. Thinking outside the box when it comes to flower choosing is a talent not everyone naturally acquires, but with some understanding about what the perfect flower can achieve you can now more easily find the right bunch.

They say that for every job, there is a right tool and flowers and occasions are no different. But just because a bunch of blooms look fresh, pretty and colourful; it doesn’t mean to say they’re right for the occasion. Beware! Flowers are fluent in their own language and have the power to send the wrong message as well as the right one.

Date Nights

Date nights are crucial to detach from the busy lives most of us live. Whether it’s just dinner and few vinos at home or a romantic night out, being surprised with a bunch of flowers just tops it off. If you’re only a few dates in and want to show your interest, keep things pleasant but not overwhelming. Perhaps a Posy/bouquet Florist’s Choice or a Blossom Jar, for example . For those couples who’ve been going steady for some time, the traditional Half Dozen Red Rose Market Bouquet is always a winner or opt for something like our Pink Box of Love.


Seasonal blooms are great for anniversaries because you can take the pick of the crop for that month. Spring and summer are loaded with vivid colours whereas the cooler months showcase the deeper, warm tones. There’s also specific flowers for each anniversary month and year which you can choose. For example; carnations are the first year anniversary bloom because they represent vows of commitment and joy for the next few years. The strength and loyalty of sunflowers represent third year anniversaries and 11 years go hand-in-hand with tulips – the bloom of love, devotion and deep passion. Here is a list of traditional anniversary flowers by year:


Call us and we can put together the perfect arrangement featuring your perfect flowers! Check out our Love Page suggestions!


Like anniversaries, wedding flowers tend to be very seasonal. The colour is usually picked based on the choice of dresses and overall colour theme of the event and the flower type dependant on the month you’re getting married. Calla lilies, peony roses, tulips, hydrangeas, sweet peas and gardenias are some of the most popular options for weddings. To choose the best flowers for your big day, you’ll want to consider the style of your wedding (elegant, rustic, casual…) and the colours of your bridal party. Using accent colours that complement each other will work better for photos. Bouquets should be comfortable and hardy too, after all – you will be holding it for most of the day!


If you know the recipient’s favourite colour or flower, start with that. For those that don’t there are lists of flowers that correspond to each month for birthdays, just like birthstones. If you’re unsure it’s always a good idea to go with a specific birthday bloom. June’s birthday flower is the honeysuckle or the rose, marigolds for October, daffodils for March and violets for February, just to name a few. Be aware though that these were traditionally Northern Hemisphere ideas, so they may not be readily available here Down Under at the right time of year!

Valentine’s Day

The month of love! The colour side of things should be easy here – think vivid reds and bright pinks. If the relationship has just begun, purple lavender roses are ideal. For the longer heart throbs, red tulips communicate love. Roses have become a popular choice for Valentine’s Day because they symbolise love, both the colour and the flower choice. If you want something a little different though, pink blossoms are ideal or the Peruvian lilly which is long-lasting and easy to find. Try and pick a flower that reflects your date’s personality to add a unique touch and avoid yellow blooms as these symbolise friendships.

Mother’s Day

Like V-Day, reds and pinks are great for Mother’s Day to show love and admiration. Carnations, pink roses, white daisies combined with pink tulips or lilies make for a great bunch of blooms. Have a look at our Mother’s Day page for some suggestions!

Get Well Wishes

When someone is sick, bright and cheerful flowers are always bound to cheer them up. Add healthy greenery to the bunch to give it an extra touch too. If they’re in hospital, be careful with flowers that are highly fragrant. Assorted arrangements are a safe option if you don’t know them too well. If sending to a hospital, we suggest a vase o, box or posy jar arrangement which is easier to transport than a bouquet. Have a look at our Get Well page for inspiration.

Funeral and Sympathy

White and green arrangements, including favourites such as roses, lisianthus and chrysanthemums are traditional sympathy flowers. Many, however, choose to send bright happy colours, or select the favourites of the loved one who has passed. Culturally there may be do’s and don’ts to consider, so if in doubt ask a family member or someone close. Here are some ideas on our Sympathy page, but do not hesitate to call us or visit us in store to ask for help and advice.

Just Because…

Sometimes we don’t even need a special occasion to surprise someone with flowers – and everyone should get even a small  bunch sometimes, just because! Choose your blooms based on the recipient’s favourite colour or favourite flower. If you don’t know the details, find out flower meanings and choose something that represents this along with their personality and it’s hard to go wrong. Have a look at our instagram page @manicbotanicperth for inspiration, or simply contact us here at Manic Botanic and we are more than happy to make suggestions!