An Oriental Lilies bouquet will always bring a smile.  Oriental Lilies are large, beautiful and long-lasting. Our Manic Botanic Oriental Lilies bouquet is beautifully wrapped and presented in premium paper along with complimentary foliage. The bouquet is usually available in pink or white, and sometimes in yellow, so if you have a preference please make a note in the “notes” section of your order. We will do our best to accommodate your colour preference, but please keep in mind not all colours are always available.

Each unique, custom-made Manic Botanic arrangement is created using the freshest flowers we have available and our talents as floral designers. We will lovingly create your order using this image as an inspiration template for colour and composition, but please be aware that the season, availability and each florist's personality play a role, so your arrangement may not be identical to the image shown. By continuing to checkout you acknowledge this.