Our Top 10 Australian Natives

Most of the Australian Native cut flowers and foliage that we use at Manic Botanic Flowers are sourced directly from our growers in the South-West of Western Australia. Many are seasonal, with the best time to buy in spring and autumn.

Here are our Top 10 beautiful Australian native flowers and foliage that we use in our Australian Natives arrangements.

  1. Kangaroo Paw

Named for its distinctive look of a kangaroo paw, Anigozanthus flavidus comes in many different colours and forms, including red, orange, pink, green and yellow.

Kangaroo Paw
  1. Protea

Proteas are actually from South Africa, but share many of the growing requirements of our Australian natives, so they thrive really well here and are very popular. Their flowers are well sought after and come in a range of colours from deep pinks, pinky orange, lime and whites, which are long lasting when cut.

Protea 2

 – King Protea

The King Protea is the most popular variety of protea, having one of the largest flower heads in the protea family. The King Pink Protea produces stunning large pink flowers which can reach up to 30cm in diameter once the plant is established. They make a stunning focal flower in our Manic Botanic flower arrangements.

King Protea

3. Pincushion Protea

Pincushion Proteas have long-lasting flower heads in yellows, oranges and reds consist of a large number of small flowers with stiff protrusions.

4 .Billy Buttons

These delightful flowers are a mainstay in many dried flower arrangements for their ability to hold their structure and colour. The lovely golden globe shaped flowers on tall stems that make it an ideal cut flower.

Billy Buttons

5. Everlastings (Strawflower)

Everlasting strawflower (Xerochrysum bracteatum) is a favourite for its paper-like blooms that come in many appealing shades of pink, purple, red, orange, yellow and white. A heat-loving, drought-tolerant plant, this daisy-like flower produces non-stop blooms during spring and summer.



A highly popular Australian plant due to its characteristic cylindrical flower heads, banksias also make excellent cut flowers as they have a very long vase life, make an excellent dried flower and come in a broad range of colours and sizes.


7. Waratah

Oh how we love waratahs! Native to south-eastern Australia, the waratah is a well-known species of Telopea speciosissima and is one of the country’s iconic flowers. Its bright red flowers are mainly available late spring.

8. Blushing Bride

A relative of the protea, Blushing Bride is one of our favourites!  Its lovely dainty, ivory-white to pale pink long-lasting winter flowers are stunning in arrangements and are popularly used in bridal bouquets (hence the name!).

Blushing Bride

9. Eucalyptus Foliage

We love the distinctive blue-grey and the stunning shapes of our native eucalyptus (gum) leaves. The tall, round leaf variety works well to add height and shape in larger bouquets and vase arrangements, while the flat, silver dollar eucalyptus adds texture and variety to smaller bunches.

10. Leucadendron

Like Protea, Leucadendrons are actually native to South Africa but are grown extensively in Australia. Their stems are in demand around the world for their attractive cone-like flower head enclosed by coloured leaf-like bracts (not petals) at the top of the stems. As the flower head matures late in the season, the central large woody cone may become more prominent. Leucadendron stems have quite a long vase life, up to 20 days.

How Flowers can Benefit your Business: Flowers for Corporates

Corporate Flowers are not limited to flowers for Corporate Events. Read on for some tips on how flowers can benefit your business..

While flowers certainly do have a major role to play in events, we at Manic Botanic can also help you use flowers and floral gifts to

  • enhance the presentation of your business
  • lift staff morale and productivity and
  • keep your clients engaged with your business.

Our expert team at Manic Botanic has many combined years of experience coming up with unique modern and artistic creations for corporate flowers in Perth.

In the Workplace

Manic Botanic can provide a weekly delivery, set up and collection service providing beautiful, fresh and unique arrangements to your business in Perth that will have an impact in your lobby, foyer, reception, office or meeting room.

Ask us about dried arrangements if that is what you prefer.

Bringing nature into the workplace is one of the top trends for promoting employee productivity and happiness.

For your Clients and Staff

Engage with and impress your customers by sending lovely floral gifts, along with extras such as champagne, wine, chocolates, candles and more.

Use your Manic Botanic Corporate account to send flowers and more to staff and clients to celebrate, acknowledge or commemorate lifetime events and milestones.

These can include

  • as a thank you for client loyalty
  • the birth of babies
  • milestone birthdays
  • in sympathy at the loss of a loved one
  • as a thank you for outstanding effort or job well done
  • congratulations on a business achievement or award.
Perth Corporate Events

Whether it’s a dinner, function, party, meeting, conference or gala ball, flowers will breathe life into and create impact at all your Corporate Events. Our experienced and talented florists will work with your ideas to create stunning floral displays. Whatever the occasion or the theme, we can help you create the most impact within your allocated budget.

Give us a call at Manic Botanic 9242 4552 or drop us an email orders@manicbotanic.com.au and let us show you how flowers can benefit your business.

Choosing your Wedding Flowers

Planning a wedding can be overwhelming on so many levels with seemingly endless decisions to make. Choosing your wedding flowers does not have to be stressful – your favourite florists are here to help you!

Firstly, before you even call us, these are some things you may wish to think about when choosing your wedding flowers:

1.Your Wedding Style:

Is it large and luxe, modern and casual, boho beachie, intimate and romantic or classically elegant? Flowers can help the set the vibe you are after.

2.Your Venue:

Your wedding venue will greatly influence your floral decisions. If your wedding is in a park, botanical garden or vineyard, the flowers can be kept to a minimum as the surroundings themselves bring nature to the fore. An indoor venue may need more. Try to consider the style and feel of the venue and your event and to choose floral accents that complement.

3. What you like:

Take some time to figure out what you like. Have a look at websites, photos and talk to people in your life. Start a scrapbook, mood board or Pinterest board which will help you get the look and feel you want.

4. The Season:

Flowers are seasonal and some varieties may not be available for your dates (or may be a very great cost. Your florist can guide you with what’s blooming when. There are some lovely flowers available year-round.

5. Your Budget:

Have the conversation before you see your florist. All of your decisions will be influenced by your budget. Don’t be afraid and tell us what we have to work with so we can get you the most out of it.

Flowers are more than bouquets and buttonholes…

The rule for choosing your wedding flowers is that there are no rules, but here are some of the many types of floral arrangements you may consider for your big day:

Bouquets and Posies: For bride, bridesmaids or flower girls

Buttonholes: Usually for the Guys – Grooms, Bridal Party, Dads

Corsages: Perhaps for the Mums or Grandmas

Flower Crowns: For you, your bridesmaids or flower girls (or unofficial flower girls in your family perhaps)

Aisles: Would you like flowers tied to the ends of pews or chairs lining the aisle?

Petals: Can be thrown down the aisle by flowergirls/boys, by your guests or by your bridal party

Flower Collars: For that important fur baby who is a part of your wedding retinue

Flower Walls, Archways and Arbors: Making a grand statement at the entrance, setting the scene for those vows and providing a stunning backdrop for those wedding photos.

Reception Venue: Here the possibilities are truly endless. You may want large arrangements on podiums, on the bridal table, on buffet tables or on individual tables. Flowers can decorate chairs, poles, trees, archways, bars or message boards. Ask to see pictures of past weddings at your venue to get inspired. The number of guests and tables you have, the configuration of the venue, all will need to be considered.

Give us a call! All we want is for you to be happy and have the most magical day of your life! https://www.manicbotanic.com.au/events/

australian natives wedding bouquet
australian natives wedding bouquet

How to Choose the Right Vase

Vases come in a large variety of shapes and sizes. Choosing the right vase for your arrangement can be as difficult as choosing the flowers, and it’s just as important!

The two most important things to consider are width of the mouth and the height of the vase

  • Width of the mouth: a wider mouth will mean you need more flowers to fill the vase properly. Choose a vase with a small mouth if you don’t have many flowers: it’s not the width of the vase that matters but the width of the mouth.
  • Height of the vase: Choose a taller vase if you have flowers with long stems. These can include anthurium, lilies, delphinium and stocks. A shorter vase can be used for roses, dahlias and disbuds.

Consider the balance of your arrangement with the vase. If your flowers have large heads, such as hydrangea or disbuds, you may use a vase with a wider base even if it has a narrow mouth, such as a fish-bowl shape for example.

Vases whose mouth splays outwards can look lovely, but they can be hard to fill in the centre and can look unbalanced. You need many more flowers to make an arrangement in these type of vases.

If you have an idea of how your bunch of flowers will look when arranged, it can help you choose the right vase. Arrange them in your hand first (that’s what florists do!) and you can even tie them off and them put them straight into the vase.

Look to nature to see how flowers form and flow in nature. This may help you get the balance and flow of your arrangement right.

We are always happy to make an arrangement for you in your own vase: bring it into our store and our florists will make a beautiful arrangement for you.